A New Way to Play

The new Topgolf Swing Suite has two different hitting bays as well as food and beverage service.

The Topgolf Swing Suite at The Inn at Sea Island offers fun for sports fans of all ages.

By Judd Spicer

Globally known for a groundbreaking mesh of swinging and socializing, the Topgolf Swing Suite has garnered enthusiasm at nearly 60 domestic locales. Last summer, it debuted at The Inn at Sea Island, where the boutique experience is now available daily. The two simulator bays offer a fun, casual environment with a wide range of entertaining options for sports fans, and they are open to members, guests and the general public.

The Swing Suite is ideal for all ages, who can choose from 84 real courses, including Sea Island’s own Seaside Course, as well as a host of other simulator games, including Carnival games, Hockey Shots, Baseball Pitching, Quarterback Challenge and the ever-popular Zombie Dodgeball.

“It keeps getting better and better … new games are constantly being added,” says Tara Kroll, general manager at The Inn at Sea Island. Most recently, the resort added soccer to its varied lineup.

Kroll has been especially amazed at the impressive range of ages that are able to enjoy these additions to The Inn. Birthday parties have been held at the Swing Suite for both the young and young-at-heart, marking milestones from 5 to 75.

And, while rooted in golf, the Swing Suite’s diverse simulations present game options for all tastes as well. “Zombie Dodgeball is a lot of fun and very interactive,” Kroll notes. “It has the most noise, so it seems to attract the most people; guests are walking through the lobby, they hear that game and it calls them over.” Enhancing the experience, the Suite’s adjoining bar space provides a list of specialty cocktails, plus wine and beer, along with a menu of bar bites (the giant soft pretzel is especially popular).

Zombie Dodgeball is just one of the games offered to groups at the Topgolf Swing Suite.

From Topgolf Swing Suite’s vantage, Sea Island is a perfect playing partner. “We took a space at The Inn that was underutilized and we worked together to energize that space,” says Peter Kratsios, director of sales and business development for Topgolf Swing Suite. “It’s now a reimagined place where people can hang out, be social and have some fun.”

While the appeal of the simulator is clear, closely vetting potential locations has proved a key facet of Topgolf’s budding success with the technology.

“For Swing Suite, it’s about finding those great partners and environments where we think the product can thrive,” Kratsios explains. “Sea Island is an incredible place; the resort, hotel and golf are all such impressive environments, and we knew that they’d be a perfect partner for us. And we have a similar mindset with Sea Island in that we don’t just rest on our laurels—we’re always pushing to get better and to think in an innovative way.”

“[Topgolf is] all about connecting people in an immersive, social experience,” Kratsios says. “And for the Topgolf Swing Suite[s], it’s also about the partnerships we create with hospitality venues to deliver that fun experience for both golfers and nongolfer[s] alike.”


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