Adventures After Dark


Explore Sea Island under the cover of nightfall with these exciting activities and events.

By Jackie Adams

The playful spirit of Sea Island doesn’t fade when the sun goes down—nightfall just brings new and unique ways to enjoy the resort. While during the day the beaches are buzzing with activity, at night the shore quiets down and it becomes a great time to explore and play. Guests can roll up their sleeves and get up-close and personal with the local wildlife, grab some paddles to go full-moon kayaking or take a paddleboarding tour through the area’s enchanting marsh. Read on for some of the best adventures Sea Island has to offer under the stars.

Survival Skills

The Sea Island Survival Skills class is geared toward children ages 8-14.

Gather around the campfire during the spring and summer for this 3.5-hour outing that teaches children ages 8-14 about marsh ecology, pitching tents, utilizing a compass and more—and don’t forget cooking s’mores and hot dogs over the fire. With the perfect balance of education and adventure, it’s one of the resort’s most popular classes.

“If you remember going to camp, you know that once the sun goes down it’s always more fun to play games outside,” says Brittany Lear, the activities and programming manager at Sea Island.

Sea Turtle Night Walks

This family-oriented program starts at 9 p.m. on most summer nights. After a 20- to 30-minute presentation on the nesting and hatching habits of local turtles, guests are led on a short walk down the beach in search of nesting female turtles crawling out of the water to lay eggs, or to watch baby turtles hatch.

Full Moon and Sunset Kayak and Paddleboarding Tours

Let a nature guide take you on a two-hour float trip into the marsh during sunset. A perfect activity for all ages and skill levels, these leisurely tours occur three times a week depending on the season and offer a unique way to experience the end of each day. “When you’re seeing the transition into dusk, when the sun sets over the marsh grass in this area, it really makes the grass turn this … gold color,” says Gavin Earl, manager of water sports at
Sea Island. Full moon tours can be requested to explore the marsh by starlight.

Glow-in-the-Dark Tournaments

Volleyball: In this exciting, flashy event, the resort’s staff set up a half-dozen black lights, bring out neon-colored volleyballs, put down fluorescent court tape and raise fluorescent nets for an unforgettable competition. Participants are also encouraged to wear white to make the party even more fun.

Putting: This nine-hole event will have you and your group putting under the stars. Each hole is brightly lit by glow sticks, and the golf balls also glow. This is a perfect activity to center a cocktail party around, or a fun choice for a little after-supper competition.

Pin and Drive Contest: Head to theSea Island Golf Performance Center for this fun competition that makes for a perfect dinner or after-dinner event. Using balls that glow in the dark, the player closest to the pin or with the longest drive wins.

Indoor Fun

Spend the night inside with these other fun Sea Island activities.

Following hours of outdoor adventure, a night of cozy entertainment inside is another way to end the day.

For younger guests, Kids’ Night Out is a popular program. The class, which runs from 6-10 p.m., boasts child-centered activities put on by the Junior Staff. Kids ages 3-12 are invited to do crafts and watch a movie inside after playing outdoor games.

It also allows parents to take a quiet night off and explore some of the other evening activities at Sea Island, like booking a reservation at one of Sea Island’s many dining options or taking in a movie at the resort’s Beach Club Theater. The 94-seat theater offers complimentary movies twice a day.


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