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By Vicki Hogue-Davies


Sea Turtle Talk

May through October is sea turtle nesting and hatching season on Sea Island. Last year, there were 41 nests, down from 86 in 2013 and 102 in 2012, but as Sea Island naturalist Raleigh Nyenhuis explains, 2014 was a very low nesting season for the entire Georgia coast and it is believed the lower nest count was due to a natural trend.

Female sea turtles lay approximately 100 eggs up to four times during the season and will nest beginning at 30 years old up to 90-plus years. Last summer Georgia saw three generations nesting on its beaches.

Ninety-nine percent of nesting female turtles at Sea Island are loggerheads, which, like all seven species of sea turtles, are listed as threatened.

“Two years ago, Sea Island had one green sea turtle nest, and last year we had one leatherback nest,” Nyenhuis says, adding that the leatherback is the largest of the species. Leatherbacks, which survive only on jellyfish, can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh as much as 1,500 pounds. Sea Island’s nesting leatherback measured approximately 4 feet, 6 inches.


Wedding Tidbits

Scott Hopkins Photography
Scott Hopkins Photography

The Sea Island wedding team facilitates approximately 60 weddings a year. Here, the team shares some fun facts about Sea Island nuptials:

  • White Wedding and Sea Island Salted Turtle are the most popular cake flavor choices for weddings on the Island.
  • Many bridal party ladies let off some steam at the Sea Island Shooting School before bridal luncheons and activities.
  • Sea Island pastry chefs recreate the top tiers of wedding cakes for returning brides and grooms’ anniversaries.
  • Many engaged couples come to Sea Island exactly one month before their weddings to bury a bottle of bourbon upside down; this brings good luck that it will not rain on the big day.

For information about hosting your own celebration at the resort, please contact the Sea Island wedding team. (seaislandwedding.com; 912-634-4422)




The number of pounds of bananas in a 100-foot-long banana split built by Sea Island’s culinary team with the help of Jerry Greenfield from Ben & Jerry’s. It also contained 30 gallons of ice cream, 3 gallons each of chocolate, pineapple and strawberry sauce, 1 gallon of cherries and 20 cans of whipped cream. It took 20 chefs less than five minutes to assemble … and 10 minutes for the kids to eat it!



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Favorite Things

Member Brooke Sumerford
Brooke Sumerford and her husband, Rees, have been Sea Island members since the mid-1970s. The couple visited Sea Island for their honeymoon in 1972, fell in love with it and decided to move to the area, where they raised their two children.


Her favorite …

Sound at Sea Island: Children laughing and playing at the Beach Club

Sweet treat: A Gold Brick Sundae

Sea Island activity: Zumba classes in the Fitness Center

Cocktail: Vodka soda with a splash of cranberry at any of the restaurants

Sea Island memory: Coming home from church, changing into swimsuits and heading to the Beach Club with the children for the Sunday kids’ pool activities

Way to get close to nature on the island: Walking on the beach

Early morning start: Taking in the view of the marsh from her back porch


Member Carl Szczesniak, M.D.

Carl Szczesniak, M.D., and his wife, Katherine, first stayed at Sea Island for their honeymoon in 1996—and they have returned frequently to vacation. They visited as a couple, and then with their children, Preston and Aynsley. Two years ago, they became members and purchased property in the place that has played such a big role in so many memories.

His favorite …

Pizza is a favorite at Tavola on Sea Island.
Pizza is a favorite at Tavola on Sea Island.

Outdoor activities: Fishing off the docks with Preston and Aynsley and walking on the beach with Katherine during sunset

Meal: Thanksgiving brunch in The Cloister Ballroom, which Szczesniak describes as “an elegant experience”

Time of year: Spring, when he’s able to “see the azaleas in bloom and enjoy the warming temperatures”

Spot for relaxing: On one of the indoor pool lounge chairs at The Spa at Sea Island and Fitness Center

Summer Memory: Building sandcastles with his children on the beach; each year they get more creative and complex

Way to end the day: A trip to Wonderland for ice cream with the kids

Smell on Sea Island: A pizza or pasta dish from Tavola, but “everything there is exceptional,” he adds


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