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By Vicki Hogue-Davies

Sea Island race horse

A Horse Named Sea Island

Thoroughbred racehorse Sea Island gained her name from the coastal retreat. Bred by the highly acclaimed Phipps Stable, the filly was born in 2009. Her sire is Pulpit and her dam is Resort.

“We always try to name the foals having something to do with their dams,” says Daisy Phipps Pulito, one of the stable’s owners. She notes that she married her husband, David, at Sea Island in 2010. The Phipps’ have held two family reunions there and she, her father and brother have golfed at Sea Island many times. “When it came time to name [the racehorse], I was looking for a resort to name her after and checked with the Jockey Club registry, and Sea Island was available.”

Phipps Pulito says, “It is a beautiful place and we have many fond memories there.”

Babies A and B

Even before they were born, Ryan and Kyle McCracken (now 14-year-olds) were future members of Sea Island. Their parents, members Robert and Debbie McCracken, bought the twins legacy memberships—which will transfer to them when they are 25 years old—while the boys were still in the womb. Debbie’s obstetrician called the soon-to-be-born children “Baby A” and “Baby B,” and that is what Debbie called them in the resort’s legacy membership application. At the resort, the “baby” names stuck, and the boys were commonly known throughout Sea Island as Baby A (Ryan) and Baby B (Kyle). More memberships may be in the family’s future. Debbie explains, “On a recent visit, Kyle said, ‘This was the best place to grow up. I’m going to raise my kids here.’ ”

Georgia Sea Island Singers

Songs From Sea Island

“The Georgia Sea Island Singers are so loved in this area,” says Susan Durkes, former site director for the Smithsonian Institution’s New Harmonies program, which highlights American music. “They are really, really, really talented singers.”

Sharing their Gullah heritage through music, dance, stories and other performance art since the early 20th century, the singers have performed for several presidents, at two Olympic games and at other high-profile events, including the 2004 G-8 Summit. Their music and stories reside in the Library of Congress, and to this day the much-loved group, which has included many individuals throughout its history, performs periodically at Sea Island.

The Sea Island Singers evolved from an earlier group that amateur folklorist Lydia Parrish, wife of artist Maxfield Parrish, started around 1920. That group, called the Spiritual Singers Society of Coastal Georgia, was started partly to perform at The Cloister at Sea Island.

In 1935, the group, which by then had become the Sea Island Singers, was discovered by folk music field collector Alan Lomax while he was visiting St. Simons Island. Lomax returned in 1959 to record them in what became the “Alan Lomax Collection, Southern Journey” series.

About today’s generation of singers, Durkes says, “They are just unbelievable, and they relate beautifully with audiences.”

Favorite Things

Member Helen Certain Rentz

Helen Certain Rentz fondly remembers the time she spent at Sea Island as a child through her family’s membership and today she, her husband Jeffrey Rentz, and their children are making their own memories as members.

Her favorite …

Time of year: summer

Cocktail: a crisp, cold glass of pinot

grigio from the River Bar

Dessert: the Gold Brick Sundae fromnewsundae_20130218_sundae_si_life_0066

the Beach Club snack bar

Outdoor activity: playing with her

young boys at the beach and poolside at

the Beach Club

Scenic spot: the view from an

Adirondack chair at The Lodge

Sound: bagpipes at sunset at The Lodge

Sunset-viewing spot: from the River Bar and Black Banks Terrace


Frequent guest Georgia Bailey Usry

At 6 years old, Georgia Bailey Usry began visiting Sea Island every year with family and friends, and she has kept the tradition alive with her own family, which includes her 14-year-old daughter, Carolyn.

Her favorite …

Time of day: sunset

Sunset-viewing spot: sitting on the

lawn at the River Club

Meal: mussels at the River Bar

Activities: bingo, sailing, tennis and

relaxing on the beach

Indoor spot: The Spanish Lounge at

The Cloister

Outdoor spot: where the horse

riding trail meets the beach on the

undeveloped south end of the island

Wildlife activity: Sea Island’s falconry program

Overall favorite part of Sea Island: how family-oriented

Sea Island is and the lifelong friends she’s made m




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