Best Foot Forward

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Specific experiences at The Spa at Sea Island focus on toes and soles for healthy, sandal-ready feet.

By Stephanie Kalina-Metzger

From walking along the sandy beach to climbing into a kayak or hopping on horseback, healthy, happy feet help you make the most of your visit to Sea Island. After a long day of exploring, nothing feels better than a little foot pampering, and The Spa at Sea Island offers signature services designed to treat toes and soles with the care they deserve. Protecting and nourishing your feet is important for a variety of reasons, according to Sea Island Lead Stylist Sarah LaFalce. “Keeping nails trimmed down helps to prevent ingrown toenails and cleaning underneath the nail bed helps to prevent fungus,” she says. “Keeping heels in top shape can prevent calluses from getting out of control and becoming dry and cracked.”

Set aside an hour for Sea Island’s Fancy Feet pedicure, and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The session begins with a mandarin-scented foot soak to soften and detox. This is followed by trimming the nails, filing, cuticle removal, heel smoothing and a sugar salt scrub to exfoliate. Feet are then treated to an anti-aging shea butter massage mixed with a Zents scented body oil. “Guests have a choice of warm vanilla with blood orange and amber, mandarin with ginger and saffron, or a scent called Ore, which is a mixture of clove and jasmine,” LaFalce says. Feet are then wrapped in hot towels after being treated with a concreta, a thick hydrating balm that helps to seal in moisture. “After the hot towels are removed, we massage the legs and feet, then we add the polish,” she says of the finishing touches.

Another treatment, the Foot Quench, is an add-on that can be applied to almost any massage. It begins with a dry exfoliation from the ankle down. “We do this with an antibacterial, antimicrobial mitt called Supracor,” says Cori Arlantico, the spa’s treatment manager. After the exfoliation, the feet are massaged with Mighty Mint Rescue Cream. “It’s made by Naturopathica and contains menthol and [horse] chestnut to help overworked feet,” Arlantico says. Finally, feet are wrapped in hot towels. “It’s a nice service for feet that are fatigued from traveling,” she explains. Arlantico notes that foot massages are beneficial for stimulating circulation and helping with inflammation. “The feet are sometimes neglected, but keeping them in good shape year-round is something that we can all do to benefit our overall wellness,” she says.


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