Brain Boosters

Sea Island offers a variety of fun team-building activities that stimulate creativity.

These fun Sea Island activities can help promote the health and function of your mind.

By Belinda Lichty Clarke

Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are crucial to maintaining a healthy body, but your mind needs care and feeding, too. In fact, engaging in certain activities helps promote brain health and reduces the risk, or slows the progression, of brain degeneration, according to Dr. Demetrius Maraganore,  chairman of the department of neurology and medical director of the NorthShore University HealthSystem Neurological Institute in Illinois.

To help keep the mind sharp, Maraganore recommends stimulating mental activities daily. Social activity is also important. “Get out of the home … visit with friends and family, have stimulating conversations, participate in community activities or other social groups,” he says. Luckily, that and more can easily be found at Sea Island, which offers a variety of brain-boosting activities in fun, social environments. Resort guests and members have ample opportunity to participate in team-based educational activities that are perfect for family reunions or corporate events, according to Brittany Lear, activities and programming manager at Sea Island. For example, the Sea Island Sprint is an exciting adventure that sends you all over the Island, either on a bike or on foot. Participants are divided into teams and each team is given a resort map and an initial clue at the start of the race that leads to a specific location, followed by more clues. Tasks can range from mental to physical challenges. 

A second outdoor activity perfect for a mental boost is the Sea Island Beach Olympics, also organized into teams, with games and relays such as a sand skis race, leaky buckets relay and water balloon competition. The Lego Building challenges, which Lear says speak directly to team building, also stimulate creativity. “Each team will be given a photo, such as [of] U.S. landmarks, and they must reconstruct the photo using Legos,” she says. “They are also given supplies such as paper, markers, tape, toothpicks, et cetera, to add detail to what they are building.”

Aside from team building, there are always brain-boosting games at hand, including bingo, a popular Sea Island tradition available during the holidays and various times throughout the year. “Bingo is an experience for the whole family,” Lear says. “Ringo Bingo will make it a night to remember with Junior Staffers leading dances at the end. You are sure to have a blast.” 

The resort also offers a number of special events that are perfect for those looking for inspiration or to discover something new. For example, the annual Creativity Conference features talks from a wide range of experts, from innovative scientists to acclaimed poets. Those who join won’t just learn from listening—the conference is also about creating a dialogue with these visionaries, in addition to socializing with other attendees. In a similar vein, adults and children alike will enjoy the resort’s National Geographic Live series, which features environmental experts discussing their explorations. The Cloister Ballroom also plays host to lectures, complimentary for guests and members, that can provide a boost of inspiration.

Whatever path you take to get your mental juices flowing—whether it’s a round of bingo, a sprint across the resort or a rousing lecture—there are plenty of smart options available on the Island.


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