Cozy Cocktails

Left to right: The Mexican Chocolate Brownie, Sea Island Hot Toddy and Eve’s Temptation

Sip these Sea Island specialties to warm up on cool evenings.

By Jessica Farthing

As the warmer seasons transition to fall and winter, there is a certain crisp feeling in the air, which signals that autumn colors are coming and the holidays are close behind. Toward the end of the year, cozy fireplaces beckon us to settle down nearby with a warm drink in hand. At Sea Island, innovative menus and welcoming ambiance create a warm atmosphere that complements the climate. Whether you find yourself getting comfy at The Cloister or sipping spiced drinks at The Lodge, these cozy cocktails are just what you need to get into the spirit of the season.

Sea Island Hot Toddy

One of the most iconic warm cocktails is the hot toddy, a surefire way to warm up on cool evenings. With such a simple yet classic recipe, it’s no wonder that Nic Wallace, resort lead bartender, developed the Sea Island
version to be served at all of the on-site restaurants this fall and winter. Using Sea Island Buffalo Trace Bourbon—specialized whiskey that is barreled and bottled just for the resort—as well as low-proof, sweet-yet-tart velvet falernum, the drink is built right inside the glass mug. The bartender also incorporates honey syrup, lemon and hot water so as not to take away from the flavors of the whiskey and liqueur. The cocktail is garnished with a lemon wheel and a sprig of mint, resulting in a bright and enjoyable
fall drink.

Eve’s Temptation

Even Eve would have had a hard time saying no to this apple-based beverage. The River Bar & Lounge serves this drink on the rocks, but the warm flavors are undeniably reminiscent of fall. Made with WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye, a specialized whiskey aged for six years, the ingredients combine perfectly to create a cocktail with complexity. In addition to the whiskey, Eve’s Temptation comprises Laird’s Blended Applejack, a spirit made with tree-ripened apples; spiced apple shrub; and two kinds of bitters—Fee Brothers’ Black Walnut and Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters. “The walnut and pimento pull everything together,” says Erica Gantt, the head bartender at the Forbes Five-Star Georgian Room. The rocks glass is garnished with a dehydrated apple wheel that has been dusted with cinnamon, which Gantt notes adds another layer to the cocktail. “You are getting the aroma off of the apple wheel as you drink the beverage, and the apple flavor and spice from the rye [whiskey].”

Burro di Caldo

Translating to “hot butter,” this rum cocktail at Tavola is as smooth and satisfying as it is warm. The drink features handcrafted spirits from Bumbu Rum Co., a celebrated rum distillery from Barbados that combines sugar cane and spices to produce a complex liquor that embodies the Caribbean. “You can taste allspice and cinnamon in the rum,” Gantt says. Bartenders at Tavola mix the rum with hot water and lemon in a glass coffee mug before garnishing it with a house-made fall butter blend—with notes of cinnamon,
nutmeg, cloves and brown sugar—using a cinnamon stick.



Glogi at the Oak Room

Visit nearly any major city in Europe during the wintertime and you’re sure to find stalls offering deliciously spiced mulled wine amongst an array of trinkets, decorations, sweet treats and artwork. In the Oak Room, bartenders have created Glogi, a Scottish variety of mulled wine, for members and guests to enjoy. Apple cider and a full-bodied Sea Island merlot are simmered in a saucepan along with the robust WhistlePig barrel-aged maple syrup, orange zest and juice, cloves, star anise and cinnamon sticks. After the flavors have blended and the liquid has been double strained, the hot drink is served in a mug, garnished with a dehydrated orange slice.

Mexican Chocolate Brownie

Both known as drinks that will increase energy, coffee and tequila are sure to heat things up in this chocolate brownie-inspired beverage at Southern Tide. Chilled black coffee is combined in a Mason jar with Altos Plata tequila infused in-house with jalapeño as well as angostura bitters and Kahlúa, then poured into a hot toddy glass. In a shaker, the seaside bartenders blend simple syrup, heavy whipping cream and cinnamon, spooning a dollop of the end result over the drink and sprinkling it with cinnamon. Perfect for cool nights, this rich, spicy drink will leave you wanting more.


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