An Evening at Downton Abbey



Sea Island brought the post-Edwardian world of “Downton Abbey” to life April 14 and 15 as Sea Island Club members and resort guests in period dress assumed the personas of characters from the popular PBS program. Jessica Fellowes—author of the best-selling titles, “The World of Downton Abbey” and “The Chronicles of Downton Abbey,” and the niece of the series’ creator, Julian Fellowes—also attended the exclusive dinner. Hosted by a likeness of “Downton Abbey” butler Mr. Carson, Saturday evening’s meal in The Lodge Wine Cellar featured three elegant courses with wine pairings. Attendees posed for photographs with stand-in representatives of “Downton Abbey” characters Lady Mary Crawley and Lady Sybil Branson, and each received a copy of “The World of Downton Abbey.” The following night, the Georgian Room was transformed into Downton Abbey as members and resort guests returned for yet another evening of historic British culture. Participants first enjoyed Champagne in the Abbey Lounge and Library. Then, after a three-course dinner reminiscent of the meals served to the show’s nobles, coffee and tea were presented while Fellowes signed books and mingled with the evening’s guests.



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