Fitness for Two


Working out as a couple promotes strong bodies and healthy relationships.

By Ashley Burnett

The benefits of working out are doubled when enjoyed as a couple. In fact, an active outing can be a great way to celebrate an anniversary, as it serves as both a healthy date and, possibly, the beginning of a new routine that you can enjoy together for years to come. Regardless of whether you venture out on an exhilarating hike, hit the gym or take a fitness class, the experience will strengthen both your muscles and relationship.

Moe Widdi, master trainer at New York Health & Racquet Club, says that the benefits of working out as a couple include improved mood and communication, as well as imbuing partners with more energy to go on more adventures together, creating great memories in the process. “You will find yourself subconsciously associating the good feelings you feel during workouts or post-workout with the individual you train with,” he explains.

Sea Island Fitness Instructor Trish Welch adds that in today’s busy world, exercising together helps “carve out quality time” for couples. She notes that most workouts at the resort are great choices for couples, as spin, yoga, strength classes and more can be adapted for pairs. “If it’s a new class, you can also cut down on [the] anxiety of trying something different by experiencing it together. It will also give you something to talk about together afterward,” she says.

Widdi says bodyweight exercises are another good choice for couples, whether it’s side-by-side pushups, planks and wall-sits, passing a medicine ball back and forth, seesaw lunges or oblique crunches that end with a high-five. These fun, dynamic moves are easy to do anywhere and will help get couples started on their new, active routine as a duo. And, by doing them together, you are also more likely to continue the exercise routine. “Who else is better at being one’s cheerleader than your significant other? They’re your teammate, not just through training, but life,” Widdi says.

Fitness doesn’t have to be regulated to the gym or classes either, notes Widdi, who also suggests outdoor activities like nature walks and hikes complemented by a nutritious picnic. Such an outing could be a perfect option for a memorable anniversary date.

For couples ready to take the plunge, Welch has this advice: “Just do it. Now is always a great time to start. It might take some time to find the classes or the times that work for both of you, but in the end you’ll find it rewarding and definitely worth it.”


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