Fitness on the Go

All it takes is a little prep and planning to keep your fitness efforts on track while traveling. | Illustration: Shaylene Brooks

Sea Island trainer and instructor Trish Welch shares her tips for staying active while traveling.

By Debra Bokur

No matter how well-established or enjoyable, fitness routines can be challenging to keep up with when traveling. Even for the most diligent workout enthusiasts, getaways may serve as an excuse to power down, sleep in and consume an overabundance of, well, everything. Trish Welch, a certified group fitness and Pilates instructor as well as a personal trainer, says there’s no reason to lose sight of wellness goals when all it takes is a little prep and planning to keep your efforts on track. Here, Welch offers her best tips for not dropping the fitness ball while on the road.

Sea Island Life: How do you personally stay motivated when traveling?
Trish Welch: Embrace the surroundings. You don’t need four walls or a gym. Take a walk on the beach, hike the hills, use the local parks or find a playground with some benches and monkey bars. An outdoor body-weight workout can benefit anyone.

SIL: What if the temptation to skip the squats and just explore is too overwhelming to resist?
TW: Then take a walk—and remember to use the stairs. Most smartphones have a pedometer app. Aim to get in roughly 10,000 steps each day of your vacation. It’s a great way to make sure you stay moving.

SIL: What advice do you have for someone traveling with kids who may never make it to a class?
TW: Body-weight exercises are a great way to stay on task. There is always space in your room to do a few sets of squats, pushups, lunges and crunches. You only need to spend a few minutes before you hit the shower and start your day. You can even stay motivated and track your progress with a smartphone app. Download a few before leaving home. There are lots to choose from—one great option is MapMyFitness. … You can find a Tabata [a type of high-intensity interval training] timer app that will keep the clock and you can pick and choose your own movements. … You can also use HIIT timers to get the job done. The idea of HIIT is to do interval sets of strength or cardio movements that drive the heart rate up and then have recovery periods in between.

SIL: Which activities are best for someone who needs some structure?
TW: You can always take advantage of the hotel gym. The Fitness Center at Sea Island has an incredible facility and offers over 30 classes a week at various times of the day. If you’re a class junkie, there are several participating gyms worldwide that accept ClassPass [though Sea Island is not one of them]. It’s fun to go and try different class options, and even different instructors.

SIL: Any other tips you’d like to share?
TW: Try to maintain your daily schedule the best you can. Think about your eating, sleeping and water intake. These three things can help just as much as exercise [can] to make you feel like yourself while on the road.


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