Gentleman’s Spa


More men are hitting the spa for everything from facials to sports massages.

By Dulcy Gregory

20130124_mark_mooney_video_0492_Retouch_RetouchTraditionally, a certain image comes to mind upon the mention of the word “spa”—women relaxing, rejuvenating and receiving treatments. But the once female-dominated space is evolving. Today, the spa touches almost everyone, from pre-teens to baby-boomers, from career-minded women to 20-something men. President of the International Spa Association Lynne McNees says, “Our latest consumer research has shown that men now make up 47 percent of spa-goers. This is an encouraging number because for the longest time men only made up 30 percent.”

So what made so many men change their minds? While McNees points out that stress—which is gender neutral—is the No. 1 reason that both men and women seek spa treatments, Donna Mastrianni, director of The Spa and Salon at Sea Island, feels that media is a main driver. “A lot of articles written in today’s papers and magazines stress the notion of putting your best face forward,” she says. “And men are finding out that the spa is the place to go to not only look great, but feel healthy.”

That trend is evident at The Spa at Sea Island. Men have always come in for massages, but according to Mastrianni, more men are coming to the spa for facials. “I recommend the Steam Clean Facial,” she says. “The sequence of exfoliation, extractions, a clay mask and steamed, scented towels results in very clean skin with refined pores. It’s a simple yet satisfying treatment for men.”

Another steadfast favorite among male guests is the Sports Specific Massage, a combination of massage techniques and stretching movements that works specific muscle groups (pre- or post-workout) to reduce recovery time and increase flexibility. Mastrianni has also noticed a jump in the number of men participating in fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates, at The Sea Island Fitness Center. She recently recalled a specific group of golfers (all men) who wanted to match each round of golf with a yoga class.

No doubt the percentage of men who visit spas will continue to expand; however, for first timers, the thought of going to a spa can be a bit unnerving. For men who have yet to take the plunge, McNees has a few words of wisdom: “I would tell the first time spa-goer to keep in mind that ultimately the spa experience is about one thing: you. Your comfort, your goals and your peace of mind are at the heart of every spa experience.”

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