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Singer Amos Lee (third from left) performed live on Rainbow Island in 2014.
Photo by Todd Cooper
Photo by Todd Cooper

Southern Grown

Sea Island will spend a weekend celebrating the rich culture of the South beginning June 19 with award-winning musicians, chefs and artists. The Southern Grown Food, Drink, and Music Festival will open with culinary events at The Cloister and a Big Fish Fry on Rainbow Island before attendees whisper the password to gain access to a late-night speakeasy. Saturday will continue the festivities with a slew of interactive seminars on topics that include gardening, shooting, songwriting, cheese-making and art; then the evening will get musical with an oceanfront concert from the Avett Brothers. Sunday morning offers one last taste of regionally focused cooking with the Sunday Kitchen Brunch. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit


Good Sports 20130703_fourth_of_july_0613

Sea Island allows teens to hone their talents in fun ways this season with Teen Happenings.

Sharp shooters ages 11 to 17 can test their skills  in a program at Broadfield, A Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge. Combining paintball, sporting clays and rifle instruction, classes and activities promote fun and safety at the range.

Additionally, a one-day extravaganza of racket sports for ages 11 to 17 includes tennis, squash, table tennis and beach tennis.

Soccer players of the same age group can join Danielle Sunderhaus, former member of the U.S. Women’s National Team, for a seminar and drills from a pro. Young guests and members can also benefit from expert advice in golf and watersports.

The Golf Fundamentals and Skills Clinic helps young golfers, ages 13 to 18, build their game from the ground up; the Waterman’s Clinic pairs young athletes with a guide for sailing, surfing, paddleboarding and kayaking. (


What a Catch shutterstock_140530867_redfish

The warm weather welcomes all guests and members to take an angling trip around the Golden Isles, where the season ushers in an array of migratory fish. A single trip offers the potential to score 12 different types with tarpon fishing, sight fishing for tripletail and shallow-water fishing for trout and redfish. All variations amount to some of the best that the sport—and the East Coast—has to offer. Since Sea Island guides are trained naturalists, fishing trips are also valuable opportunities to catch a glimpse of the season’s wildlife. Whether you’re new to fishing or an experienced angler, don’t let the summer pass by without casting your line. (888-881-7313 for information and reservations)


20141218_gears_3d_golf_perfomance_center_instruction_jared_zak_0023_RetouchGolf Rx

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a trip to the Sea Island Golf Performance Center is all it takes to remedy any ailment affecting your golf game. Cutting-edge technology is used to create the Player Performance Index (PPI), a five-part test open to players of all levels. The PPI utilizes a Golf Engineering Analysis Research System (GEARS), a 3-D Motion Capture system with 32 sensors and eight high-speed cameras to track a golfer’s swing and the impact it can have on ball flight. For help on the green, trainers use the PPI’s SAM PuttLab, a device that provides feedback about putts with ultrasound technology. Golfers can also see how they measure up against others with Trackman Combine, a test which scores shots on a 100-point scale and ranks them against a registry of players of all skill levels. Other parts of the PPI address overall fitness and nuances of a great short game.

After training, golfers can head to the Performance Therapy Center at The Lodge to use the Impact Cryotherapy machine, a device that safely lowers body temperature. The equipment arrived at Sea Island in March, and athletes have already benefited from treatments before rounds as a way to increase focus and improve pre-game warm-ups. For a total-body restorative session after the final round, players couple cryogenics with massage therapy to ease and flush toxins from muscles. With solutions for before, during and after playing time, the experts at Sea Island have the tools to perfect every aspect of the golf experience. (


A Firsthand Account book-cover

On July 3, Sea Island welcomes one of television’s familiar faces. Gretchen Carlson, host of “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson,” on the Fox News Channel, will share her perspective with guests and members and sign copies of “Getting Real,” her memoir slated to hit shelves June 16. In the book, she discusses her childhood in Minnesota, experience as a concert violinist, education at Stanford University and reign as Miss America in 1989, before becoming a successful journalist and co-host of “Fox & Friends” while it was the top-rated cable morning news show. Attendees will hear a story of resounding perseverance and determination from one of the nation’s most successful news anchors. (


Defending Champion

From July 9-12, the Sea Island Golf Club will host the Georgia State Golf Association’s 2015 Amateur Championship, a competition attended by 144 players. Originally started in 1916, the competition has taken place at Sea Island Golf Club three times during its history: first in 1931 when Charles Yates was named champion; then in 1939 when Dan Yates Jr. won; and finally in 1989 when Danny Yates continued the family legacy. Qualifying athletes from Georgia who enjoy amateur golf are able to register for the championship by May 6. (


    Sea Island founder Howard Coffin (right) with the 1931 championship winner, Charlie Yates.
Sea Island founder Howard Coffin (right) with the 1931 championship winner, Charlie Yates.

For reservations and more information about the activities at Sea Island, please call 888-881-7313, or sign up for our email club at to stay up-to-date on all that’s happening.



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