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By Amber Lanier Nagle

Wondering About Wonderland

SeaIsland_120306_IMG_8940_CD_finalGuaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth, Wonderland, the Beach Club’s ice cream and candy shop, sold approximately 1,092 tubs of ice cream  and 5,578 pounds of candy in 2012. The shop carries more than 65 varieties of candy, and that number includes more than just your typical sweets. Giant jawbreakers will satisfy those who aren’t happy with conventional confections, and gummy snakes—some almost two feet long—are good bets for big appetites. Also available are unique candies like Wax Bottles, Candy Buttons and even maple bacon taffy.

The shop also carries temptations of the frozen variety: More than 18 ice cream flavors await guests who are enjoying a day at the beach or pool. The two most popular flavors may surprise you—Wonderland patrons favor vanilla for its versatility (plenty of toppings will make any scoop interesting) and “C is for Cookie,” the bright dessert that’s known for turning many a mouth blue.

Worker Bees



About a half-million of Sea Island’s team members live and work at Broadfield, A Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge. That number may seem high, but considering that each is about the size of a quarter, they all manage to fit comfortably into the 10 beehives on the property. About 50,000 to 60,000 bees inhabit each hive, working full time to produce fresh honey for Sea Island chefs. These industrious workers gather around one-tenth of a teaspoon in their entire lives. To produce just one pound of honey, bees will fly distances that equal about twice the Earth’s circumference.

Favorite Things

Frequent Guest Dr. Patrick Malcolm

Dr. Patrick Malcolm has been a regular guest at Sea Island since 1968. He and his family visit the resort several times each year. According to Malcolm, he visited between 15 and 20 times last year alone.

His favorite …

Month: “September used to be my favorite time of year on Sea Island because the water is warmer, but I can’t really say that anymore. My favorite month? All of them!”

Mealtime experience: Sitting at the Chef’s Table at the Georgian Room.

Menu item: The grilled foie gras as well as anything on the Chef’s Tasting Menu.


Place to relax: In the Solarium, or on the sofa at the Beach Club with The New York Times.

Activity: Visiting the steam room at The Spa at Sea Island, as well as driving up and down Sea Island Drive and looking at the cottages.

Member Chip Champion

Chip Champion has been a member of Sea Island for 15 years and describes it as “the most wonderful place on earth.” He enjoys sharing experiences with his wife, Caroline; son, Max; daughter, Mary Wallace; and his mother and stepfather, Louise and Bob Bledsoe, who also are members.

His favorite …

View: The sunset over the sound as seen from Adirondack chairs at The Lodge.

Outdoor activities: Playing golf with his son and swimming at the Beach Club with his daughter.

Wildlife activity: Bird watching with friend Dr. Joe Jackson, also a Sea Island Club member.

Smell: The plush green leather chairs in the men’s locker room at The Lodge, fresh green grass and pinot noir.


Memory: “Playing and learning the game of golf from the late Jimmy Hodges and watching him and Davis Love Jr. teach … [when] I was a ball boy. Another favorite is celebrating my 40th birthday at the men’s locker room at The Lodge—a surprise party arranged by my wife.”

Member Patricia Freeman

Thirty-five years ago, Patricia and Douglas Freeman spent their honeymoon at Sea Island. “I remember thinking, ‘Maybe someday we can live here,’ ” Patricia says. After moving to Jacksonville, Fla., in 1991, the couple visited frequently with their daughters. Four years ago, their oldest daughter, Dorothy, got married at Christ Church, and held the reception and bridesmaids’ luncheon at Sea Island. Two years ago, the Freemans purchased a home in the Ocean Forest community.
“So many of our fondest memories are set at Sea Island, and I’m sure there are many more ahead,” Patricia adds.

Her favorite …

Time of year: The holidays. “I love sharing Sea Island with family and friends during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.”

View: The marsh from the Black Banks Terrace at sunset.

Outdoor activities: Patricia enjoys biking and Doug loves to hunt; he’s a member at Broadfield, A Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge.

Sound: The sound of winning at bingo—the voice of Jack Jenkins, aka Billy Bingo, the cheers and “everything about that moment.”



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