Natural Appeal


A fashion-forward focus on understated hair and makeup means less is definitely more.

By Debra Bokur

The drift toward breezy, easy hairstyles and natural makeup has grown into a full-blown trend. Tousled hair and barely-there makeup were revealed up and down runways during New York Fashion Week, and the movement appears to have serious staying power. Muted cosmetic palettes paired with wind-swept hair and low-key color are yielding a less structured look that’s both fresh and romantic.

Designers have been some of the drivers of the trend, styling models with minimal cosmetics—and sometimes none at all—and easy hairstyles that direct audiences’ attention toward the of-the-moment apparel and accessories. “The trend will continue,” predicts Miami-based designer Julian Chang, who showed his own 2016 resort collection on models with flowing locks and clean, shimmering skin. “In the summer, in particular, people will be looking for a more casual and natural personal look, giving designers the opportunity to emphasize fashions.”

The same trick from the catwalk works just as well on the sidewalk, so even the most stylish sartorialists are donning clear skin and muted colors, allowing outfits and accessories to be high-impact. However, the natural beauty trend isn’t only for people wearing apparel straight from the runway. Anyone can embrace their best qualities with a few hairstyling tricks and a simple makeup routine.

“We’re using La Bella Donna’s loose mineral foundation with SPF,” says Dana Reitz, assistant director at The Spa at Sea Island. Apply the powder in light circular strokes, and keep all cosmetic palettes focused on neutrals with bronzes, nude tones and pastels.

“Finishes include a shiny lip gloss and a little Blinc mascara,” she adds.

Beyond makeup, nail shapes continue to be more squared with a sheer polish, and hairstyles play up a loose, unfinished look. With the right product, Reitz says getting the just-rolled-out-of-bed look is easy to accomplish.

“Kerastase has introduced V.I.P. [volume in powder], which is basically a medium hair spray mixed with dry shampoo,” Reitz explains. “Just spray it on your roots, rub your roots with your fingertips, and run your hands through your hair to add volume and create a texturized look.”

Now that natural beauty is in, it’s important to invest the time in creating a smooth, clean and healthy foundation. Reitz suggests skin smoothing treatments and daily deep conditioning for the hair with Kerastase Maskeratine, which offers a frizz-free, soft texture.

Even in beauty treatments, simple, purifying scrubs and moisturizing are all that are needed to refresh the skin for a healthy, carefree glow. Achieve smoothness with a gentle peel, such as the Naked Skin treatment, offered at The Spa at Sea Island, or try the Take It All Off, a total-body exfoliation followed by a warm shower and customized massage. This is the season to put away the complicated regimens and harsh colors in favor of natural traits that let individual beauty shine.


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