Naturally Inspired

Spa treatments at Sea Island often incorporate natural ingredients.

Spa treatments are taking advantage of the power of plants to provide custom experiences and impressive results.

By Debra Bokur

There has been a rousing shift in how we approach the care and health of our skin, with a dramatic swing in the spa industry that embraces natural, holistic ingredients. Consumer demand for natural and organic personal care products free of chemicals such as parabens and sulfates is expected to top $13.2 billion this year, and industry analysts predict continued growth through 2020. Expanding awareness of the possibility of toxicity and even hormone disruption from the use of synthetically produced, chemically laden skin care potions is fueling this evolution.

At Sea Island, transformations to the spa menu reflect this trend with a large selection of products rooted in pure plant components. Ella Kent, director of spa, fitness and racquet sports, explains that the search for an elegant, effective and more natural approach to the products and protocols used in body treatments and massage therapies led directly to Naturopathica. The luxurious natural beauty company was created by Barbara Close, whose expertise in holistic skin care includes over two decades of product development.

With the increased focus on ingredient safety, Close says the spa industry is confirming everything her company has stood for over the last 20 years. “Herbs are the oldest and most widely used form of health care in the world,” she explains, noting that some have restorative powers to help the body function. “Some of the greatest healing agents have been derived from the plant kingdom and are still used throughout the world today.”

Kent points to the Pursuit of Happiness at Sea Island as a prime example of a treatment that takes full advantage of the benefits of natural ingredients. The treatment begins with a facial massage, complete with your choice of one of four products from Naturopathica’s Aromatic Alchemy Gift Set. 

Each product offers a totally unique aromatherapy experience: Chill Aromatic Alchemy’s chamomile, lemon verbena and neroli blossoms with bee balm for improved rest and serenity; Inspire Aromatic Alchemy’s balsam fir needles, pink grapefruit, red mandarin and mood-balancing Saint-John’s-wort to enhance self-confidence and ground emotional energy; Meditation Aromatic Alchemy’s sandalwood and frankincense mingled with the “grounding essences” of ginger root, clove, cardamom and sweet orange for mindfulness and clarity; or Re-Boot Aromatic Alchemy’s uplifting and energizing lemongrass and peppermint, with holy basil to help augment stress resistance in the body.

Another element of the facial massage utilizes the Wild Lime Revitalizing Scalp & Hair Oil with exhilarating components that include zesty lime, tangerine and pink grapefruit melded with avocado oil, in addition to pressure point work.

The next portion includes a traditional body brushing that is said to improve blood flow. Afterward, Naturopathica’s Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub is used to exfoliate the feet, while offering fragrant notes of lemongrass, mimosa, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

The Pursuit of Happiness concludes with a full-body massage, during which a base of Botanical Seed Bath & Body Oil is blended with the guest’s aromatherapy selection. The oil includes nourishing cold-pressed sunflower, grape and apricot seed oils, plus gamma-linolenic acid for skin replenishment—leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed, and ready to explore the Island.


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