My Perfect Sea Island Day


Teens share their ideal Sea Island itineraries.


It’s a well-known fact that Sea Island offers an endless combination of activities, dining options and services for adults to enjoy while spending idyllic days and nights at the resort. The same island, however, is appreciated by teens in entirely different ways—whether it’s taking to the golf courses with their friends, having a snack at the Beach Club or convening in the Waterfront Lounge, a teen haven made just for them. Here, Sea Island Life asks some of the teenagers who love the island to outline how they would spend their perfect Sea Island day.

A Day of Choices 

By Henry Heery, age 17


There is no place I would rather spend my day than at Sea Island. With activities like fishing, the Shooting School and tennis, it’s never hard to find something to do.

My perfect day on Sea Island would begin with a morning tee time at one of Sea Island’s golf courses. After golf, I would make my way toward the Oak Room to enjoy the Crabsino sandwich. Next, I would go to the Beach Club for the afternoon. Here is where it gets difficult: I’ll decide between going sailing, paddleboarding or playing beach volleyball. I would also be happy just relaxing out on the beach.

Once the sun starts to set, I would head to the Waterfront Lounge to spend the evening with friends and watch the game.


Beach Club Fun

By Hollyn Watkins, age 15

I’m lucky to have grown up on Sea Island and have made so

20140814__R5B6951_photos_0813_Retouchmany memories at the Beach Club. My perfect day would start at the Fitness Center with my sisters and friends. We’d exercise, then relax in the water atrium and get a Berry Delicious smoothie (it’s my favorite).

Afterward, my friends and family would meet at the Beach Club to lie out on the beach. To cool down, we jump in the ocean or pool, and I might sail or paddleboard. We like to grab lunch at the Snack Shack. I love the cheeseburgers, quesadillas and chicken fingers with fries—they’re the world’s best! For dessert, we get ice cream at Wonderland, then walk to the Waterfront Lounge to hang out with other teenagers. It’s cool when my friends and I have the chance to meet young people from different places. For dinner, I meet my family at our favorite restaurant, Southern Tide. Even on days when I can only enjoy one or two of these activities, I treasure all the memories I make at Sea Island, and I look forward to many more.


A Bit of Everything

By Christopher Holt, age 17

20140814__R5B6939_photos_0801_RetouchSea Island has been my home for more than 15 years—and each day is better than the one before. When I have free days to spend on the island, it’s as good as it gets.

I’m a golfer, and my friends and I love to kick off mornings with a round. Then, I hit the Beach Club to play in the basketball tournaments. When I’m hungry, I stop by the Snack Shack to get the cheeseburger with fries, one of the best things on the menu. Next, I head over to the Waterfront Lounge to play pool or shuffleboard. Back out in the sunshine, I stay cool with one of my favorite activities: sliding into the pool on the new waterslide. To end the day, I stop at Wonderland, grab some ice cream (the Gold Brick Sundae rocks my world) and some candy, and head over to the movie theater to cap off my perfect day at Sea Island.


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