Total Body Workout

Classes at Sea Island are utilizing ViPR, an innovative piece of workout equipment.

Sea Island’s exercise classes utilize the latest fitness craze for both strength training and mobility.

By Belinda Lichty Clarke

The variety of fitness classes offered at Sea Island ensures that there’s an activity for everybody, whether it’s a slower-paced, shallow pool aerobics workout or a high-impact fitness experience. Now guests and members can take their exercise efforts to the next level with the help of ViPR, a weighted, cylindrical piece of fitness equipment that bridges the gap between strength training and more movement for a total body workout.

ViPR stands for vitality, performance and reconditioning, explains Tom Hemmings, fitness operations and training supervisor for Sea Island. The inspiration for this innovative tool actually stemmed from observing people who do heavy work on farms. “The creators thought about manual workers moving bales of hay, and they came up with the idea of creating movement patterns with specific pieces of equipment,” Hemmings says. “The cylinder is designed to challenge the user in all planes of motion, utilizing all major muscle groups to re-create patterns that we carry out on a daily basis.”

Hemmings adds that the long cylinder has various weights, ranging from 8 to 40 pounds, while his limit for Sea Island clients is 20 pounds. The ViPR equipment is used in a few ways, ranging from one-on-one training to semiprivate group classes such as Load Up. “The Load Up class focuses specifically on utilizing the ViPR and the TRX equipment,” Hemmings says. “We combine the two to create a circuit-style class which has a high-intensity format. The class is limited to six people to provide the clients with a small-group feel, individualizing the workout in the best possible fashion in a group setting.”

ViPR can also be incorporated into beach workouts for groups and individuals, Hemmings adds, as well as into Sea Island’s high-intensity interval class called Wake Up Call. “This has been getting a good following, with a consistent number of guests and members between 12 and 20—and it’s at 6 a.m.,” he says. As for what his clients tell him when they use this new equipment for the first time: They love it, some because it is so unique. “They say it’s challenging, a great push and offers a variety of exercises,” Hemmings says.


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